What’s your take on the rape debate?

29 May 2009


In March, it took a jury just 45 minutes to acquit Peter Bacon of raping a female lawyer who was too drunk to remember what had happened. After Grazia covered the story, debating whether those accused of rape should remain anonymous, the lawyer contacted us to explain why she decided to take her case to court, despite knowing she'd probably be vilified in the press. In a piece for Grazia, the lawyer, 45, argued that although she couldn't remember a thing about what had happened between herself and Bacon, a 26-year-old chef, after he came round to her house at the invitation of a mutual friend, she believed it was right to go to the police because she had drunk so much - at least four bottles of wine shared with her friend, followed by more alcohol later - that she couldn't possibly have consented to sex. She told us that although women have a responsibility to do all they can to ensure their own safety, men's attitudes need to change; they need to exercise caution before going ahead with sex.
Many women have been in the position where they wake up next to a man and can remember little, if anything, about the night before. Should we chalk it up to experience, or should we feel it's our right to complain if we feel we've been taken advantage of? Was the lawyer right to go to court? Was she right to be condemned in the press for blackening a man's name by claiming he'd committed a crime she couldn't remember? What do you think? Let us know below.

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