Mary Portas One Life: Over To You

28 May 2009

mary portas

Every week in Grazia, Mary Portas lends her ear to a reader with a burning issue and gives her savvy, no-nonsense take on the situation. Today, it's your turn to offer Grazia reader Joanna some much-needed advice. Take a look at her letter below and let us know if you've been in a similar situation, or what you think she should do to get her husband to talk...

‘My husband's gone off sex...'
My husband and I had an amazing and regular sex life when we first met nine years ago. But it completely fizzled out after we started living together and nothing's changed now we're married. It really worries me that we only have sex once every six to eight weeks, because everyone else seems to have such an active love life. I love my husband deeply, but can't help feeling rejected because I always have to make the first move and he just doesn't seem interested in me. I've tried talking to him about it, but he says things are fine. I've also moaned, which I know upsets him. Am I over-reacting or do we have a problem?
Joanna, 28, Cornwall

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