Last night’s Apprentice: Kate the not-so great?

28 May 2009

the apprentice

Ah, QVC week. The much-anticipated episode that sorts the Peacocks from the PPQ. And the one where we started to wonder if Teflon Kate might not be such a shoo-in after all. Taskwise, all the final six had to do was ‘choose the right products' to sell on the shopping channel from over 10,000 tack-tastic items (a mouth-wash jet with the only redeeming feature that it shut James up for 20 seconds, anyone?). Sensibly, team leader Yasmina sent Debra off into the warehouse alone (because the woman who tirelessly campaigned for the £2k task-losing rocking horse last week clearly has great instinctive taste) only for her to come back with a hideous hair tie that looked more suited to being a prop in A Clockwork Orange than an asset to the accessorises world. That said, as soon as the camera was on her, Debra was a QVC natural, shifting more units of tat than anyone else. Then again, the hottest competition was ‘dynamic duo' Howard and Lorraine, whose attempts to sell chip fryers were thwarted when they forgot it was the fryers they were meant to be flogging and not the chips they'd just made in them (do they not feed them in the Bridge Street cafe?).

But the big story of the night? Kate starting to lose it. Exhibit a: those hideous £149.99 leather jackets she picked out (and no, it is not a USP that they come in ‘gold, bronze AND silver'). Exhibit b: the fact she sold about three items (probably because she looked about as comfortable playing that air guitar as Nicole Kidman would at a Scientology convention). Poor Howard inevitably got the chop (see his not-at-all-eerily prophetic quote below). So now we're left with four ladies and one bloke (James: ‘Ohhh, I feel just like Hugh Hefner'. We're praying he doesn't start dressing like him because the sight of laughing-boy parading around in a gaping dressing gown could be just the thing to make us turn over to The Vicar Of Dibley Story, currently airing on Gold at the same time, FYI).

Moment (about 3 mins in) when you knew Howard was not long for the TV world: ‘I absolutely see myself in the final and I think Sir Alan does too.'

Bit we can't believe 'Suralan' didn't let rip on: ‘What, you mean you can get polyester that's man-made?' (James, on trying on one of those weird snuggle scarf/hat thingies)

Quote which confirms our thoughts that Margaret really needs a spin-off show: ‘Lorraine says she's a slow burner in the thought process, but sometimes I wonder if the gas has been lit at all.'

Our one request to the nice people at QVC, should they be reading: Can you send us one of those cute little pet dinosaur toys? They were the BEST.

But what did YOU think of last night's Apprentice? Tell us below...

- Suzy Cox


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