The Bank Holiday Boredom Buster

22 May 2009

robert pattinson

Yay! It's almost the Bank Holiday! Here's what's going to keep us amused until 6pm (when we've done all of our work, natch)...

1. Who knew sheep were so much fun?
Sheep art?! No, we didn't know it existed either. But check out this amazing vid. What's real? What isn't? The debate continues on YouTube...

2. The Beavis and Butthead award for giggling inappropriately like teenagers goes to...
....Jezebel! But we love, love, LOVE it. No really, we're been sniggering for far longer than is appropriate for women who have gone through puberty. What will that nice, church-going Mr Knowles say?

3. The weekly Gossip Girl quiz
HOW much did we love Chuck this week? We just knew he'd come good (and those pink socks were, well, very). So much that we've almost forgiven Ed Westwick for his, quite frankly, dismal performance on the Grazia Fashion Quiz. [Grazia Daily].

4. Can we just discuss what the little kid from Jerry Maguire looks like now he's a teenager?
Can we? Can we?

5. Finally! The key to getting a kiss off Robert Pattinson
$25,000. Cheap at half the price (which is still about $12,000 more than we have spare, darnit).


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