The trouble with working women...

21 May 2009

working women

If you are a stressed out working mum clinging on by her fingertips, then this week's BBC2 documentary The Trouble With Working Women, which exposed the myth of ‘having it all', may have rung a few very loud bells. Weirdly, it also coincided with the publication in the States of a controversial book Smart Girls Marry Money and Bridget Jones' author Helen Fielding telling women they can't have it all and wanting it all has become a modern disease. There's something going on... but what exactly? If we can't have it all, what are precisely are we left with? What kind of advice would you like to pass on to the next generation of women about combining work with motherhood? Not bother, or try harder to get it right? If you have some words of wisdom about having it all and how to get that illusive balance right, we'd love you to let us know..   


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