Men! Rich men in particular!

19 May 2009


All men come out with the odd clanger sometimes. You know, a statement so mind-bogglingly emotionally dysfunctional that you wonder if they were raised by a family of wolves in the woods. But even by male standards of tact and delicacy, City tycoon Brian Myerson has outdone himself in the most gossiped-about divorce case this year. Sample quote: 'There is a certain class of women today who contribute nothing to the family wealth and then expect 50% on divorce – it's lunacy.' Nice.

In this week's Grazia we report on his attempt to reduce his wife Ingrid's £11m settlement, by arguing that the recession has left him a bit short of cash. But what really gets us was his assertion that he's been a 'good husband', despite the teensy matter of a string of affairs and a secret second family. That's right, for 10 years of his 26-year marriage to Ingrid, Brian had set up his mistress, Clare Denley, and their son Charlie, in a house around the corner from the £7m family home in Hampstead. Amazingly, Brian doesn't even consider this reasonable grounds for divorce. 'If she had been prepared to tolerate Clare, we wouldn't have wasted £1.5m on legal fees,' he moaned. 'As far as I am concerned, I have done nothing wrong – in fact, I look upon myself as having been a good husband to Ingrid.' Admitting to the affairs, he argues, 'I was an extremely good husband, providing Ingrid with a wonderful lifestyle.' And LOTS to talk to her friends about over a few bottles of wine...

- Anna Hart


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