Friday Boredom Buster

08 May 2009

george clooney

Huzzah! 'Tis nearly the freakin' weekend. Here's what's going to be keeping us amused 'til 6...
1. Flex your memory muscles
How well have you been watching the news this week (well, we say 'news' but basically we mean celeby stuff)? Take this quiz to find out... And watch out for the speed round bit. Not that we're in any way feeling Friday, but is that a bit quick or what? 

2. Laugh at the sneezing baby panda
Aww! Aww! And thrice aww! Now will someone get the little fluffball a tissue?

3. Feel sorry for the poor girl who's gonna end up married to this bloke
Oh, so this is why men don't understand us. They think we're all aliens (note to men: the 'women are from Venus' thing was a METAPHOR).

4. Can we discuss...?
...this is George Clooney when he was in school. Just OMG! We're Facebooking the primary school dork right now.

5. Like a much more embarrassing version of drinking and dialling your ex
Are they on? Are they off? Even we're not sure, but here is Li.Lo turning up at a restaurant just as Sam's left to ask the paps outside who she was having dinner with! 'A girl' apparently. Ohhhh... 


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