Watch The Princes in a new YouTube video…

06 May 2009

...and this time it's got nothing to do with Harry's often questionable behaviour. In fact, this one's for a very good cause. Prince Charles has roped both William and Harry into a new campaign to raise awareness of The Prince's Rainforests Project. And they're not the only big names involved: Daniel Craig, Robin Williams, Harrison Ford, Joss Stone and, er, Kermit the Frog all take part. In fact, the star of the video is a rainforest frog who poses with all the stars. Why a frog? Allow the eco-friendly Prince to explain: ‘Princes and frogs have had a long association. However, our frog is a symbol for the world's rainforests, a symbol of action against climate change.'

It's a worthwhile cause, as destruction of the earth's rainforests releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all of the world's cars, planes and ships put together. But we imagine most people will be visiting the site to see just how handsome the two young Princes are looking. Sorry Daniel Craig, you've been usurped.


- Rosamund Witcher


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