Mary Portas One Life: Over To You

06 May 2009

mary portas

In every issue of Grazia, Mary Portas takes one reader and one burning issue and dishes her brilliant advice on their current dilemma. Now it's your turn to offer Grazia reader Sarah some much-needed advice, on a subject every woman knows about: mothers. Read her letter below and let us know if you've been in a similar situation or how you think Sarah should manage her mum!

"My mum won't let me live my own life"

I'm 31 and got married last year to a wonderful man, but my mother just can't seem to accept it: calling me every day, complaining that I don't go home enough and generally making me feel guilty about almost everything I do. When I was growing up, she seemed like the best mum in the world but now I'm wondering if she just needed to be needed, which is why she's finding it so hard to accept that I'm moving on. Whenever I try to talk to her about it, though, she either ignores the subject or lashes out and says terrible things. If she was a friend, I'd cut off contact. What can I do?
Sarah, 31, London

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