Last night’s Apprentice: thank goodness Noorul’s gone!

30 April 2009


He escaped the axe five weeks in a row after moping around ineffectually on the sidelines during every task and, thus, keeping under Sir Alan's radar. But, last night, Noorul finally faced the wrath of the little man in the big chair. When arrogant Ben failed spectacularly as team leader (Sandhurst couldn't save him now), he took gobby Debra and insipid Noorul back into the boardroom. And at first it seemed as if Debra might be heading for the chop, as she shouted down an icy-faced Nick and Sir Alan was forced to jump to his defence (‘stop talking to him like he's a second-class citizen'). But Noorul sealed his fate when, in a desperate attempt to save his skin, he accused Ben of only being in it ‘for the magazine deals'. Oooh... catty. But not as callous as Sir Alan's final verdict on Noorul: ‘Whoever employs him better get a receipt.' The line that saved the whole episode, perhaps?


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