Vintage Susan Boyle: Her First TV Audition

29 April 2009

It could all have been so different for Susan Boyle. She might have been launched to super-stardom back in 1995, if it wasn't for a slightly creepy chap called Michael Barrymore. The Daily Record has unearthed video footage of Susan's audition – at the Olympia Shopping Centre in East Kilbride – for Barrymore's My Kind Of People talent show. Teenager Julie Febers captured a 33-year-old Susan's version of I Don't Know How To Love Him on camcorder, because Julie's mum Elizabeth was also auditioning.

Shock number 1: Su-Bo's rocking a delicious colour-pop cerise jacket – not a spot of tweed in sight.

Shock number 2: Michael Barrymore starts writhing about on the floor and trying to look up her skirt. Yep, you read that right. Elizabeth remembers, 'Susan was a few people in front of me. When she began to sing I knew she had a great voice, but Barrymore was intent on taking the mickey out of her.' Alas, Susan's star quality went unnoticed.

Shock number 3 is very much on Michael Barrymore: that dowdy woman he ridiculed in a shopping centre is now infinitely more famous than him. Check out the gleeful reader comments under the vid, demanding 'Who's Michael Barrymore anyway? We haven't heard of him in Australia.'  In the battle of Boyle vs Barrymore, Su-Bo's finally won through. [Daily Record]


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