WATCH Lindsay Lohan’s latest attention-seeking ploy

15 April 2009

The satirical cameo is a pretty familiar face-saving strategy in Hollywood. When an A-lister suffers the misfortune of an arrest, a botched plastic surgery job or a divorce, their PR machine goes into overdrive to resuscitate their ailing reputation. Charity work is one option (à la Paris Hilton post drink-driving rap) but an equally effective strategy is the send-up skit. It's a three-pronged attack on the public: first, it shows you have a sense of humour. Second, it shows that you've got a handle on how weird your life is. Third, the vid can go viral and work as an advert for some tat you're touting. This is all perfectly demonstrated by Lindsay Lohan's fake profile video for dating website eHarmony. In the 91-second snippet, Linds simpers that her ‘perfect mate loves long walks on the beach, car chases on the PCH, antiquing and, er, passing out in Cadillac Escalades'.  But what the 1,077,600 viewers (in the first 24 hours alone) didn't realise was that they were swallowing a rather peculiar ad for Lindsay's leggings and hosiery line, 6126, and her fake tan, Sevin Nyne. Er, don't know about you, but we were too busy thinking 'weird' or 'tragic' to notice her snazzy leggings. What do you think? Does it show Linds to be the sort of down-to-earth gal we'd all like to share a pint with? Or is her total flippancy about her drugs and drink problems (and strung-out facial expression) just a little bit too creepy?


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