Last night's Apprentice: It's gone all panto!

09 April 2009

The Apprentice

Every good drama needs a hero and a villain and, three episodes in to The Apprentice, it looks like we've found our protagonists. Step forward Philip, a seemingly normal (and, yes, kinda attractive) Northern lad who has become the gallant knight of this year's ego-off. While the others were bickering and slagging each other off in the boardroom, Phillip stuck up for hapless Lorraine (‘I thought she did a fantastic job – it's very easy to turn round at a later stage and be critical.') Aw, what a nice chap. Ben, however, is shaping up to be the series villain (boo, hiss...). We knew something was afoot when he proclaimed: ‘I'm not nervous – whoever's up against me, their arseholes are going to be twitching like rabbits' noses.' Erm, what? Next, he declared himself the best-looking man in the series, accused curvy teammate Kimberly of being ‘obese' and said his teammates ‘could at least have the good grace to go to the gym occasionally.' What. A. Charmer. Meanwhile, Kate ‘don't dismiss me as the pretty one' Walsh waxed lyrical about painting her toenails and the ‘glow' she gets from fake tan (Really, Kate, really? How interesting!) and Debra continued to be a spade face while ostentatiously rebuking her teammates for being racist. As for our quote of the week, it's got to be when Howard said to Ben: ‘Can I suggest that you don't slap your own arse?' Indeed. This is shaping up to be truly car-crash TV. Thank you Suralan. But can you please stop firing the wrong people? It's starting to get annoying now. So now you know what we've spent, well, pretty much all morning talking about here in the Grazia office, what did YOU think of last night's Apprentice?

- Hannah Marriott


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