Last night’s TV: must try harder, Apprentice girls!

26 March 2009

The panoramic views of the City skyline, the parade of Reiss skirts, the close-ups of nervous cheek-chewing candidates in the boardroom… God, we'd missed The Apprentice. Last night's first episode stuck to the winning formula of tracking down the nation's most deluded, cocksure and catty suit-wearers, and passing them the rope to hang themselves with. It could have been called Britain's Got Arrogance.

Last night's car-washing task was textbook Apprentice: who'd have thought that the standard fund-raising exercise of Scouts and Brownies would reduce 15 of Britain's 'most promising entrepreneurs' to tears, bitchy phonecalls and general chaos? Unfortunately, it was the girls who lost the task, thanks to the frenzied shopping for detergent and buckets that ate into their budgets.

Last night's star: Margaret, with her withering, 'Never in the history of car washing have so few cars been washed by so many people in such a long time.'

Last night's loser: Ben, the trainee stockbroker who grinningly announced, 'To me, making money is better than sex.' Shows how good he is in the sack.

Watch out, we're watching you: Debra, aka Spadeface, who slated her car-washing team on the phone to Moaning Mona and then hotly denied it in the boardroom. Cringe.

-- Anna Hart


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