The Friday Boredom Buster!

27 February 2009

The freakin' weekend.  After Fashion Week. Oh, it's so nearly upon us. Here's just some of the stupendous/stupid things we've seen on the web this week...  

1. The Oscars goes musical This is, without a doubt, the campest thing we have ever seen. Some thoughts: a) who knew Hugh Jackman could sing and hoof? b) B, B, B, B, B... what is it with the leotard? c) proof, finally, that yes Zac Efron really can sing. How we've slept at night until this moment is beyond us.

2. The weekly Gossip Girl quiz Not that we're getting competitive, but we aced it. A-gain.   

3. Blur perform at the NME Awards Oh! Oh! Oh! We can not wait until they play Hyde Park in July. See you down the front!   

4. The Thank-God-It-Wasn't-Me Award goes to... ...this poor sozzled fella, again at the NME awards. Bet he felt full of sunshine the next morning.


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