Mary Portas One Life: Over to YOU

25 February 2009

Mary Portas

Each week in Grazia, Mary Portas talks one reader through an issue in their life. But now it's your turn to tell it like it is. Our next reader letter is below. What's your advice for Jill? Have you been through something similar? What did you do? 

‘My husband left me for my best friend and life has been a struggle ever since...'

Turning 40 last year hit me really hard because I wasn't where I wanted to be – which was with the father of my children. In 2007 he left me for a ‘friend' of mine and life has been a struggle ever since. On one hand: I love my children, enjoy my part-time job as an art teacher and have amazing friends and family who've really supported me. But on the other, I've done the same job for 12 years, my friends are mostly in the couples club I'm no longer part of and looking after young children alone can be relentless. I know it's time to move on from the past – but what to?

Vanessa, 40, Bristol

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