The best and worst bits of the BRITs

19 February 2009

So it's all over for another year, but what did you think of 2009's BRIT Awards? Best one ever? Or seriously lacking a bit of attitude and Amy Winehouse? Just in case you didn't catch the show, here are some of our best (and worst) bits... 

1. Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Matt and James open the show as (ho! ho! ho!) Kylie's backing dancers! Fat bloke in spandex? Check. Exaggerated comedy face-pulling? Check. Kylie showing she might be a megastar, but she can still take the pee out of herself? Check. So why is this not as funny as it should be? Answers on a postcard, please....

2. Duffy wins. A lot

...And the Winslet award for the watercooler speech of the night goes to... Duffy. But not because she got all emotional. More because it felt like she'd not rehearsed a thing to say. Or engaged brain before opening mouth. Par example, 'Best British Female? I don't know what that means, but it's a good job my mum didn't have a boy.' Maybe she just needed to 'gather'...

3. ...But then does a lovely rendition of Warwick Avenue

Phew. That's why we love her. Though the lighting bloke could have done a better job – you can't see her face for half of it.

4. The 'and about time' bit

Girls Aloud sing The Promise and get all burlesque on us (doesn't Kimberley look a-mazing? Where can we get ourselves some pink feathers?) 

then win Best Single (yay!). Most deserved. Check out Ashley looking all proud on the table. And the bit where Kimberley can't get up the stairs in those heels without help. We love that Sarah's trying to be a bit Oasis rock'n'roll shouty (read: drunk) because no one else was (where were you Alex Turner??). But why doesn't lovely Nicola get to say anything? We heart her more each day...

5. The Big Duet

Ting Tings and Estelle mash it up. Usually we a.d.o.r.e them both and it was interesting, but was it working, people? Was it? And we're not just talking about Estelle's terribly fash-forward Thundercats eye make-up...

6. The bit where we thought Robbie would turn up

So all week we've been getting a bit excited that this could be The Night. The Robster's back on British turf. Gary's been making all these, 'Ohhh, we've got something very exciting planned'-type comments. Darn it, he and Robbie were even papped together recently. Then The That came out of this sort of spaceship-type thing above the stage and we thought, 'This is It' (after all, we all know Robbie's love of an alien). IT WAS ALL POINTING TO THE BIG REUNION. And did it happen? Did it fup. All we got was some rather unflattering science class glasses, green strobe lights, and (we swear) miming in parts. Boooooooooo.

7. Pet Shop Boys + Lady GaGa + Brandon Flowers

Got a bit of a major crush on Brandon now, actually. Isn't he just super dreamy? Imagine if he was our boyfriend. Ohhh... Erm, GATHER. The PSBs were very good. 


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