Cut-out-and-play Brits bingo

18 February 2009

Ah, the Brits... Hands up who's staying in tonight with their friends, getting a take-away and a fairrrrr few bottles of wine? Well, just to give your evening a competitive edge, may we present Grazia's Brits Bingo for one and all to play this evening? Simply cut out the individual potential TV moments from the list below, share them out amongst your friends, and whoever has all of theirs pop up first wins. Just don't get over-excited and try to invade any nearby stages –you know what happened to poor old Jarvis...  And in between sessions don't forget to check out Grazia LIVE Twittering from the ceremony tonight right here.

Member of the Last Shadow Puppets gets smashed and does a naughty V-sign.

Member of Oasis does similar to prove they're not old or past it.

Someone 'jokes' about wanting to touch Kylie's bum.

Someone braver (our money's on Corden) goes for it and actually touches Kylie's bum.

Alexa'n'Alex are caught snogging at their table. Or puking.

Nominee accidentally calls James Corden 'Smithy' or Mathew Horne 'Gavin'.

Beck, Neil Diamond, Jay-Z and Kanye West fail to show up...

...As do Beyoncé and Leona.

You hear a hil-a-riously original Katy Perry/girl kissing joke.

Estelle looks confused as to why she's gone from performing with Kanye to The Tings Tings.

There's a Horne/Corden spoof of past legendary presenters. Eg: The Osbournes, Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood.

Outstanding Contribution winners Pet Shop Boys perform with a troupe of 500 exotically-attired Oriental male dancers/Girls Aloud/600 gay miners.

Mastercard music industry bod-type (who isn't famous says), 'This has been a fantastic year for female British artists'. Then mentions the recession.

Thom York/Guy from Elbow/ Chris Martin cries when Girls Aloud/Take That win Best Group.

Bono acts like Jesus (Son Of, not Madonna's malebait).

Somebody says, 'What's occurring?' in a crap Welsh accent.

Brits pupils in the front row scream like trapped hyenas every time someone mentions their school.

Alexandra Burke cries.

Dizzee Rascal makes another comment about purple and Martians.

That's all folks. So have fun! We're off to work out how to lie to our editor and get out of the office early to set up Brits Bingo from our sofa. Oh, well half of us are doing that. The rest are actually going to the Brits AND Twittering the entire event LIVE. So stay glued throughout the night to find out how many times Cheryl snogs Ashley at the table, who hits the dance floor first, and who we catch crying in the loo. Because you know they'll be one...


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