Are your 40s the sexiest years of your life?

04 February 2009


Western culture has done a pretty amazing job of associating sexiness with youth, so we'd be forgiven for imagining that the day we blow out 39 candles on our birthday cake is the day we swap Agent Provocateur for wrinkled long johns. But a new survey has revealed what a lot of us have long suspected: sex gets better when you get older. In fact, 77% of women claim their sex life was or is at its best in their 40s, and 82% said that sex was still as important to them as it had ever been.

It's a relief to have this out in the open. For years, women have secretly wondered if they're the only ones thinking, 'Er, is this really as good as it gets?' Face it, whatever Skins and Gossip Girl would have us believe, the inexperience and insecurities of youth are not a recipe for hot sex.

According to psychotherapist Jane Polden, 'Younger women are much more likely to be obsessed with their appearance, their weight and so on, and this saps their self-confidence and gets in the way of them enjoying themselves. And older women have the confidence to go all out for what they need to feel satisfied.' Susan Quilliam, author of The New Joy Of Sex, agrees: 'That sex gets better for women as they get older is one of the best-kept secrets of women's lives.' Not any more! [Guardian]


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