03 February 2009

Shoes are recession-proof!


No matter how bleak the newspaper headlines get, no matter how many financial commentators warn that Britain is headed for Skintsville, it seems there's proof that you'll never separate a fashionista from her Louboutins. Because a new survey has found that while we're all cutting back on our spending, consumers have a list of personal 'untouchables' they're refusing to scrimp on. One in four people surveyed named shoes as 'off-limits' when it came to cutbacks, and 40% listed haircuts and colours as something they refused to compromise on no matter how bad the economy gets.

But it was bad news for luxury handbags and facials, with 92% and 89% respectively calling them 'expendable'. (If they'd asked around the Grazia office, we can tell you the statistics would have been a bit different!) So what are your 'untouchables'? And what can you live without? [Wall Street Journal]


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