Wossy vs Tom Cruise: did you cringe as much as we did?

26 January 2009


With the opening line: ‘So – where were we?' and a convincing apology for Manuelgate, Jonathan Ross was off to a good start on Friday night. After that, we're sorry to say, it was all downhill...

Stephen Fry was reliably entertaining, of course (why isn't he our uncle?), but managing to make Tom Cruise boring was really something.

We all have so many questions we'd love to ask the A-lister, but he barely had a chance to speak – instead, we were treated to irrelevant jokes and Wossy's opinions on Tom Cruise.

We're sure lots of subjects were off-limits, but when Tom mentioned that his wife had bought him a motorbike, for example, Wossy practically ignored the comment. Why not give us a little insight by following up with a question on what the Cruises got each other for Christmas or perhaps how they celebrated New Year? That's what we want to know!

The more Wossy interrupted, the more embarrassed we felt – but Cruise, looking slim and uber-young, came across as a nice chap and didn't seem to be getting as annoyed as we were.

Still, what a wasted opportunity. We're sure it's not easy to do the perfect TV interview with such a huge star, but given Jonathan Ross's vast salary, it shouldn't have to be.

What do you think? Check it out here (30 minutes in)


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