Friday boredom buster: The Gossip Girl quiz, plus Amy Winehouse's Obama moment

23 January 2009


La, la, la, it is a mere week until rainy, blowy, hair-frizzy, depressy, generally shite January is over. Let's celebrate making it through another seven days and toast the weekend ahead with some more Friday nonsense.

1. Take the new series Gossip Girl quiz

How much attention did YOU pay to this week's just A-mazing ep? And we don't mean just to check out Chuck in his bathers (although how good was that?). See if you can beat us here (which is pretty pointless seeing as we got full marks, but give it a go, losers. xoxo)

2. People aren't cashing in on the Obamas already. Oh noooo

You can now buy 'Sweet Sasha' and 'Marvellous Malia' Beanie Babies! Except, apparently, those names are nothing to do with the new First Children. [Huffington Post]

3. Help! We've only gone and got into Twitter

Our fave celeb page this very second? Mr Stephen Fry's. Mostly 'cos he's written about going to the dentist, being on Jonathan Ross and finding Tom Cruise "charming".  

4. Twilight in four minutes

Oh yes. Though this fella is no Robert Pattinson, the 'vampires running up trees' special effects aren't too heinous compared to the movie, we have to say. [YouTube]

5. Bored of being forwarded 'cute' animals pix?

Then check this out next time someone sends you a picture of a mini-panda.

6. Amy Winehouse gets her Obama moment

Can't find those Shepard Fairey Obama HOPE badges on eBay for love nor money? Get the Amy Winehouse DOPE one instead. Or the Sarah Palin NOPE one. Genius. [Guardian]

- Suzy Cox



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