Last night's TV: the return of Gossip Girl!

22 January 2009


Gossip Girl's second series kicked off in spectacular style last night and already we can feel a frenzied obsession coming on... And here's why:

  1. Blair's headbands. Bigger, brighter, shinier, better.
  2. Blair's love life: First, the crackling chemistry with Chuck Bass. Secondly, the brilliantly flawed British accent of her new love interest, Marcus Beaton. His unveiling as a Lord was just hilarious (because most English people, like, have a title, right?)
  3. Blair generally. Sorry Serena, but the glossy golden girl thing is just a bit... yawn. Blair has the best one liners, the most incredible dress sense and isn't in love with dull old Dan – need we say more?
  4. The sun, the swimming pools and the manicured gardens of Hamptons mansions. Is it just us, or are the locations even more glamorous than they were last series? Or is it just the awful British weather making us crave sunshine more than ever? Either way, it works.
  5. The inspired cameo by author Jay McInerney, who plays Dan's mentor. This – the literary world showing its appreciation for Gossip Girl – makes it official: Gossip Girl counts as proper high culture. Therefore, as viewers, we are ourselves cultured. Brilliant, no?


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