How big is our couple crush on the Obamas?

21 January 2009


Isn't it a treat to read the news without feeling even the slightest prick of cynicism? This morning, all we've done is watch Barack and Michelle dancing to Beyonce, and we've been gazing at the screen with nothing but doe-eyed adoration. We just knew that Barack would be a smooth mover, and we knew that Michelle would erupt in embarrassed laughter during the first dance. And we giggled like schoolgirls when, at the Neighborhood Ball at Washington's Convention Center, Barack opened his speech with, 'First of all, how good-looking is my wife?'

We're not sure who to be more jealous of. Barack's got the vibrant, supportive, fiercely intelligent and irrepressibly classy wife, and Michelle's got the handsome academic who won the hearts of America. Luckily, they both seem to appreciate what they've got. Our favourite fact of the night? While the run of 10 (yes, 10) balls was scheduled to end at 2.55am, the prom king and queen called it quits at 12.45am. Probably to go home and kiss, high-five each other and generally be perfect and in love.

We're not just celebrating the inauguration of the first black US president. We're celebrating the fact that the world has a new golden couple to crush on. And God knows, we've been begging for someone to replace the Beckhams. Let's face it, they were never quite up to the job in the first place.


-Anna Hart


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