Hot political crush alert: Jon Favreau

20 January 2009


Wow, what a speech. We were gripped - and not just because of Aretha Franklin's, ahem, dulcet tones before Barack's speech. (Missed it? Click here). And it turns out it's all thanks to one young (and seriously hot) man: 27-year-old speech-writer Jon Favreau. Just look at him here taking his place in the real-life version of The West Wing. Do we need to say more. Instead, let's just count the ways we love you, Jon....

As Obama's speechwriter, you are the brains behind the brainiest American president in history. That's brainy.

At only 27, you fall firmly into the category of "wunderkind". But you're not a banker, web entrepreneur or any of the usual shady jobs where this term is normally applied. You're one of the good guys.

You're Dawson's Pacey, OC Seth and GG's Dan grown up and transplanted into the real world like some sort of teen drama god.

Even the job of "speechwriter" is sexy. You're a Cyrano de Bergerac, but without the big gross nose. Your nose is hot.

We love your white-shirt-and-v-neck-jumper combo. We can just imagine borrowing that jumper as we curl up on the TV to watch the history you wrote unfolding.

You're preppy enough to introduce even to the most hysterically controlling of parents, even though sometimes you don't shave.

You wrote Obama's inauguration speech in Starbucks. We're a sucker for a soya latte too! See, it's written in the stars...

If you can talk the American nation into such ecstasies of hope, imagine how easily you could talk us into bed.

Those Facebook pictures of you holding a beer bottle to the mouth of a cardboard cut out of Hillary Clinton? We didn't mind. Until you've been the victim of Facebook embarrassment, you haven't lived.

We're pretty sure you're the sort of high achiever who would guilt-trip us into going to the gym every morning, even after buying us tequilas until 3am the night before.

- Anna Hart


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