What's the real reason you're still single?

13 January 2009

The words ‘Are there any good men left?' is practically a mantra for single women across the world. Any single gal will be familiar with the routine of gazing around the room at a party and finding the men on offer as unappealing as the leftover bowls of dips. We have war stories about online dating, blind dates and being set up by friends. Surely the reason we're single is simple: there just aren't any decent men left. 

But in this week's Grazia, writer Shane Watson, who found love at 43, asks herself if the reason she was single for so long wasn't just because all the good men had already been claimed. Could those long ten single years really be her fault? ‘I had a non-negotiable list of types of men that I was not interested in: goatee, brown shoes, jewellery, job in the City, Nehru jacket...' Shane explains. ‘But because men are only human, and we're not Angelina Jolie, even the best men are not going to volunteer for the hard slog of proving they are good enough to meet our standards.'

And that's not it. Shane also urges us to understand the different standards for single and attached women, know when to break up with the ‘going nowhere' boyfriend and get ready to dress for sex...

So do you agree with Shane's take on the modern single woman? Or do you think she's just fallen into the Smug Married trap already? Let us know below.


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