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30 December 2008


So you've opened your pressies, reverted to being a stroppy teenager, got stressed out by the sales, and maybe some of you poor souls are even back at work. Never fear, Grazia is here to amuse you until New Year's Eve dawns - because we've been busily Googling and found our favourite 'Before they were famous' clips to make you laugh. It'll be more fun than having yet another fight about telly vs PlayStation with your brother/dad/boyfriend. Merry clickmas (sorry)! 

1. Here's Jennifer Aniston in a TV version of Ferris Bueller (1990). No Baftas for guessing why this one bombed.

2. Back into the Grazia Time Machine. Now it's 1987 and Courtney Cox is starring (ahem) in the movie of Masters of The Universe (ask your boyfriend). How does she look good (well, okay) with that hair? 

3. Lily Allen in Elizabeth. Ser-i-ous-ly.

4. A 7-year-old Angelina Jolie. Bless.

5. George Clooney in the epic masterpiece that is Return of the Killer Tomatoes (he pops up at 4 mins 27 seconds. Worth the wait, we promise)

6. Teenage Kate Winslet in a BBC show sci-fi called Dark Season (which was written by Doctor Who's Russell T. Davies). Did we have hair like that in 1991 too? 

7. Little Robert Pattinson. Check out that polished interview technique. Actually it's not much better today.

8. The Spice Girls. Yes, yes, we've seen it before, but it's still funny. 


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