Thank Fuzz it's Friday!

19 December 2008


Just when you thought today was simply one-week-til-Boxing-Day day, some boffins with nothing better to spend their research grants on (all together now: ‘Credit crunch? What credit crunch?') have done a survey and found that it's actually Fuzzy Friday. What is this, we hear you ask. Well, Fuzzy Friday is the day when people are most likely to feel fuzzy (geddit?) having had their Christmas do last night. One in six of us will have called in sick and six out of ten people will be struggling at work, hangover punishing their every move, and just wishing they could die.

So, as today is the one in the year when you're statistically most likely to feel dog-rough, we thought we'd give you some pretty/funny/mad web things to distract you (because Facebook-stalking that bloke you pulled when you were 15 is a bit tired, no?).

1. A fictional account of Kanye West's first day as a fashion intern at Louis Vuitton. Let's hope the reality is as hilare.

2. Gossip Girl stars before they were famous. Can not BELIEVE how Leighton used to look. There's hope for us all.

3. Just OMG. Forget ‘who's got the biggest holly wreath on their door' competitions in your street, in America there's a whole new mental trend where people don't just put up a national grid-zapping amounts of lights, they make them flash in time to carols too. As this blogger says, ‘you can annoy your neighbours two-fold: through the eyes and the ears.' (Santa Clause Is Coming to Town is our favourite, though).

4. Gina Riley from Kath and Kim does Dannii Minogue. Totally juvenile. We could never endorse this. Oh no... 

5. Christian the lion. Always makes us cry. And feel all life afirmy, despite any strength of hangover.

- Suzy Cox


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