Is it EVER ok to wear fur?

16 December 2008


Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jaime Winstone, Claudia Schiffer and co.... It seems to us like everyone's suddenly wearing fur again. But why? It's hardly cold enough in the UK justify wearing a dead animal on your back and with some great fake furs on the shelves you can still get the fur look without breaking the Eskimo approach. You know, that rule that you should only wear what you eat. To us that means (and we say this as a magazine that makes a point of never shooting fur) if you eat beef, you can wear leather. If you like a lamb chop, that shaggy Mongolian jacket's probably ok too. If you're partial to crispy duck pancakes then snuggling up in a duvet should not give you a guilt complex. But nobody eats mink, fox, chinchilla or sable, do they? Still, if it's bought vintage (as Agy's coat was when she jetted into an unexpectedly freezing London) maybe that makes it ok? That's what one writer in this week's issue of Grazia says. After all it's been dead for decades already. Is wearing a second hand fur OK because hey the coat was originally bought by someone else and it's more of a crime to waste such a beautiful fur? And what right does anyone have to pelt you with eggs for a personal fashion choice. Hmm... the arguments either way are compelling.  But we want to know what you really think about wearing fur. Is it ever ok? Let us know below...


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