So what did YOU think of the X Factor final result?

15 December 2008


We blame ‘Cheryl Cries' on our X Factor bingo card but we needed to revisit the moment Alexandra won on YouTube yesterday to remind ourselves just how the momentous occasion unfolded. It was - as we said (oh about six times) on Saturday night - amazing. We love how Alex still managed to have some (oceans, in fact) tears left after her (slightly embarrassing?) duet with Beyoncé where she just fell apart. We'd like to say her singing hardly any of the song because she was in such shock was sweet, but we kinda felt for Beyoncé as Alex clung to her more desperately than Eggnog did to Diana. Anyway, we deviate. Back to the moment of truth. We loved... JB/Aston/Marvin/Ortise (ten weeks in and we still don't know who's who) making some sort of Martin Luther King speech: ‘Because of this moment others have hope - victory after victory'... Alex's foundation just melting down her face (though what was that mascara?)... Alex snatching the single out of Dermot's hand... Cheryl swinging her fist in a move that it looks like she learnt from Ashley Cole's football ‘fans'... The lights going down as Dermot shoved Alex (still sobbing) on to the stage to sing like some pushy mother...  Simon Cowell all over Cheryl; That ‘I'm very proud of you kid' wink... And the final line: ‘I know this show is not everybody's cup of tea but for everyone who has watched it, voted for it, written about it thank you very much.' Er, trying to launch some sort of political career, Simon?


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