12 December 2008

Grazia's guide to throwing the perfect X Factor Final party!


The time's almost come to ease yourself out of that sofa (fingers crossed the last ten Saturday night's in haven't left too much of a dent) and actually - shock horror - make an appearance at your local pub. After all, you've got no excuse now Cheryl and co. will be disappearing from our screens. So make tomorrow night count by following the Grazia guide to throwing the perfect X Factor Final party. Go on, even some of the hottest names in the fashion industry are partaking - and rooting for Alexandra ('natch ) - so you can afford to make an effort...

1. Steel yourself from the shock of Diana going last week by watching Eggnog, sorry Eoghan, clamber on stage to take her down before her final dying moments on YouTube. She's re-visited the moment endlessly this week and apparently thinks it's ‘more romantic than the Notebook.' We think it's essential for the mental strength you're going to need for Louis' eulogies as Westfield take to the stage with Eggnog tomorrow. What's that joke about too many Irishmen...?

2. Resurrect Grazia's cut-out-and-keep X Factor Bingo card (below). Yours covered in cornflakes from your 3am drunken snack? Then print off this, cut it up and prepare to drink, drink, drink. Not that we're suggesting you'll need to.

3. But what to drink? We're thinking you need three cocktails. Make Alexandra's something strong and seductive, JLS's must be the most potent with four different kinds of booze and as for Eoghan's. Virgin, of course.

4. Prepare some party games for the break in between the main show and results. Personally, we're currently thinking 'Pin The Belt on Simon Cowell' or 'Matching Cheryl's shoes to her outfit' (that will test your colour co-ordination skills and be harder after a couple of JLSs, we reckon). If all else fails just check out Cheryl's Popstars audition - and prepare to laugh. Hard.

Well, now you know what we'll be doing all Saturday night - in between live blogging throughout the entire final show of course (eek!). So check in, say hi and tell us what you think. Oh and please send us pictures of your X Factor Final Parties. Best one wins Cheryl wrapped up in a box for Christmas. Or something.   



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