Thank YouTube: Blur to reform!

11 December 2008


Yesterday it was Blur (thank the music gods!) and today it might be The Smiths reforming - and Robbie re-joining Take That. Wowza. It's almost too much to bear. But let's concentrate on the one we know for sure: Blur. They're set to play London's Hyde Park this summer and likely to be the headline of one of the big festivals in 2009 too. This is very exciting for many reasons. The main being that, unlike some ‘returning' bands who never really went away, Blur really did fall out, pack up their Britpop haircuts and work on very separate projects for years - everything from a Chinese opera (Damon) and making cheese (Alex). So how will they get on? Well, according to Graham and Damon we can thank YouTube for the comeback because watching old clips of their performances convinced them to take the step. So we decided - purely in the name of research of course - to take a look for the brilliant Blur clips (Parklife and Country house) that inspired them to remind us of their brilliant back catalogue. And give us an opportunity to swoon at Damon's lovely blue eyes. We do hope he grows his indie man bangs back for the girls. Ok, we'll stop. But come on - aren't you as excited as us?


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