Gossip Girl, take two!

08 December 2008


Oh, be still our beating Sky+s... According to internet rumours, a Gossip Girl spin-off is DEFINITELY in the works. Is this the most exciting news we've received all week? And yes, we know it's only Monday! Apparently one episode from the new season (which starts here in January. We. Can. Not. Wait) will be used as a sort of pilot to test how much viewers like a certain character -- who could then go forth and get their own show. But who it will be is still as much of a mystery as the exact reason why Rufus H can afford a girnomous loft in NY's trendy Brooklyn but not a second un-holey cardigan. Sources say the star of the new show is 100% not Little Jenny Humphrey, even though she already gets her own spin-off books in literatureland, the It Girl series, about her life at boarding school. And we can't imagine GG sacrificing Serena or Blair. A whole series about Dan could turn into something on a level of preachy up there with a don't-run-with-scissors lecture during the first art class of term (ohh, though they could call it What Would Dan Humphry Do? Actually why has no one made that T-shirt?), and while Vanessa has the shiniest hair we have ever seen (well, this side of la Cole's enviable mane), we're not sure she's got enough personality/wit/good clothes to keep us tuned in for an entire series (unless they strand her somewhere cold, like Alaska, with only her blinking Guitar Hero console for company. Now that we would pay to see). Personally? We're hoping it's going to be Chuck. Chuck, Chuck and only Chuck though. With a debonair air and flaring nostrils like his, who needs co-stars? Vote on your favourite here!


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