Jungle fever strikes...!

12 November 2008


Now we don't count ourselves as reality TV people. I mean, really, Big Brother? Soooo six years ago. Celebrity Scissorhands? Lucinda, it's clear why Suralan didn't put you through when you went onto sign up for that pap. Celeb Air? We don't even know what that is. If asked in public. But X-Factor finding its mojo has got us in the mood. And now another guilty pleasure is back on Sunday night - I'm A Celebrity. C-listers being forced to eat kangaroo balls and bathe with crocodiles in the name of light entertainment? Hurrah! For those of you who are still trying to pretend you're above it, the line-up is: Dani Behr (off The Word), George Takei (Sulu in Star Trek; ask your boyfriend), Joe Swash (ex-ex-ex-Eastender), Brian Paddick (failed London Mayor candidate), Simon Webbe (of boyband Blue), Esther Rantzen (only one who doesn't need us to explain who she is in brackets thereby making this the clumsiest sentence in the world EVER), Martina Navratilova (tennis champ), Robert Kilroy-Silk (TV presenter) and WAGS Carly Zucker (engaged to Joe Cole) and Nicola Mclean (engaged to some bloke from Peterborough FC). And breathe. Personally, we're looking forward to the jungle cat fight between the girls. Two WAGs in one camp when the only cricket for 10,000 miles is the, like, real insect kind? They're either going to pal up and give Martina a make-over, or try to outdo each other while flirting with Mr Webbe (only man approaching a hottie in there) and simultaneously showering in bikinis, therefore getting a swimsuit deal a la Myleene. Whatever, we think the one to watch is Ms Behr who, at 37, is looking way better than the ten-years-younger WAGs and clearly up for a fight -- Exhibit A: the way Carly and Nicola have posed in dodgy jungle gear in the press shots, while Dani has shunned the kharki shorts for front-page grabbing sparkly evening dresses. Oh, let's hope she didn't think she'd signed up for Strictly. That could be a shock. But will YOU be watching?


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