Will YOU be watching the SATC sequel?

05 November 2008


Holy Manolos! Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are back... again! That's right, the sequel to Sex And The City: The Movie has just been confirmed. And whilst we can't wait for another parade of fabulous fashion we're ever so slightly worried it might not live up to the excitement of the first film. Will it do Carrie and co. justice? What shoe can possibly live up to the Dior Extreme heel? Well, if the women of Westfield shopping centre are anything to go by, the second coming of SATC: The Movie is sure to divide opinion...

Tiffany Wood, 27, actor and writer, Ealing
'I would definitely see the SATC sequel. It's almost too exciting to think about what will happen next! Maybe Carrie will have a baby? Or maybe she'll adopt a family from across the world, like Brangelina! I'd love to see more of Miranda and Steve - they were so sweet at the end of the first film - but I'm not so sure about Samantha. I really liked the way her storyline was rounded off in the film, and it would be a real shame if the sequel ruined that. On the whole though, I'm pretty excited!'

Kate Hewson, 36, photographer from North West London
‘I've never been a huge Sex and the City fan, but I probably would go to see the sequel - I saw the first film with a group of girlfriends and, no, it wasn't amazing, but it was good fun. If you're in the mood for a very girlie night out you could do much worse than a SATC film followed by a cocktail!'

Hayley Davis, 31, sales assistant from North London
‘I'm really not happy to hear about the sequel - I loved the TV series so much and thought the first film was disappointing. The sequel's bound to be even worse. They're just cashing in. But I can't lie, whatever I say I'm bound to go and see it! It's the sort of thing you need to have an opinion on, isn't it? I just hope the sequel doesn't ruin my favourite characters for me.'

Helen Russell-Clark, 21, actress from Southampton
‘I'm a real SATC fan - I've got all the DVDs and have continually followed the storyline over the years, so there's no way I'd miss the sequel to the movie. At the same time, everything felt pretty conclusive by the end of the film, so it's difficult to imagine where they'll go with it.'

Rebecca Whitehouse, 21, accounts assistant from the West Midlands
‘I will definitely see the second film - I love Sex and the City, it touches on so many things that you go through in real life. As Samantha ditched her boyfriend at the end of the first film it might be nice to see her with a new man. But being Samantha, maybe she could try a few men out before finding the right one?'



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