Obama v. McCain: Westfield decides!

04 November 2008


After months of campaigning, the American election will come to an end TONIGHT and the fate of the American people will be decided. Though we may not be able to vote ourselves, the result will definitely have an impact not only on Great Britain but on the rest of the world aswell. So we thought we head out to see who the public at Westfield are backing for victory. Take a look at what they had to say below and let us know if  you agree by voting in our poll...


Laura Hosford, 24, a retail manager from North London (above)
I support Obama all the way! He seems a lot more for the people. He wants to make everyone rich instead the rich the richer, and that can only be a good thing. I'll be watching it tonight and most probably stay up as long as I can. But there won't be any parties. Obama has definitely made people interested in politics again hasn't he?

Dee Williams, 51, from White City
I'm very curious about the American elections. I want Obama to win because he'd bring change to a country that is in much need of change. He's fresh and full of ideas. It'd be a historical moment if he wins. I'll definitely watch it tonight but there'll be no champagne. I'll most probably nod off to sleep in the end.

Rada, 47, from Hammersmith.
I want Obama to win because he's so handsome. But on a serious note he'll bring so much to America if he wins. He has a different outlook on politics but the only reason I'll be staying up tonight is to watch him because he's so good looking!


Miriam Deramchi, 37, from Vauxhall (above)
I'm not a massive supporter of Obama but if I had to choose I think he's the most positive option for the America. McCain isn't the right answer, he's old and out of touch. Obama seems a lot more committed and wants to give people a better life. Whatever change he brings, it'll be a good change. I won't be following it tonight but I'll be happy if I wake up in the morning and he's won.

Emma Homewood, 20, admin worker from Essex
Parts of America are still racist so they need a black president to move them all forward as a country. I think Obama's personality makes him more likable too. He's a lot calmer under pressure. McCain is just too old. There'll be no election parties in my house tonight. Obama might have created controversy but he hasn't made politics hip yet. I'll just wait until the news in the morning.


Mari Ikonen, 26, a marketing assistant from South London (above)
I'm loving the American elections. I just hope Obama wins. I really want the Democratic Party in again and Obama is the way forward for America and the rest of the world. He'll make so many changes, stop the war, stop spending and help the credit crunch worldwide. He's a lot more open minded. McCain is just like Bush and those types of politician needs to be out. I'll be looking forward to TV tonight. I'll try and stay up but it'll be hard.


Lydia Carder, 27, a hairdresser from Twickenham (above)
McCain did the wrong thing bringing in Sarah Palin. I can't stand her; she's what is wrong with politics today. She's stand for everything woman today don't want. She's just so wrong and because of her I want Obama to win. I've been following the news a lot recently and I'll try and watch it tonight but if I fall asleep I'll keep the TV on and hope I wake up again!

Shirley Joseph, 33, an engineer from Kent
I want Obama to win because McCain is so old he wouldn't last the full term and then Sarah would step in. We can't have that! I respect McCain and that he's fought for his country but he's not what America needs. America needs someone open minded to influence them and move them towards the future. I'll be cracking that champagne open tonight if Obama wins.

Leanne Northam, 20, a student from Southwark
I think America needs a black president. There are parts of America that are so old fashioned and are still living in the old age. They need someone with a new outlook. Sarah Palin definitely ruined McCain's chances. I'm going out tonight so when I get in hopefully they'll be announcing the results. Perfect timing and I'll have another drink to celebrate if Obama wins. I'm certain he will!



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