Sarah ‘Pit Bull’ Palin sparks beauty trend

30 September 2008


Sarah Palin's inaugural speech as Republican Vice Presidential candidate - where she compared ‘hockey moms' to pit bull terriers - has inspired more than just invigorated interest in McCain's campaign. Conservative women can now literally give lip service to their political allegiance by wearing Pitbull Mom lippie in Republican Red (we kid you not - it's even available on eBay already) or Pale N Pink for the bargain price of $9.99. ‘American women across the country have been holding their lipstick in the air as a sign of support for Sarah Palin,' says Pit Bull partner Fess Crockett, ‘And we felt that the time was right for women everywhere to more boldly display their allegiance through Pit Bull Mom.' Mind you, it's not the first time Sarah has dipped her toes into the beauty industry - check out her catwalk appearance in the 1984 Alaska contest, which has leaked onto the internet. Note the swimsuit in Republican Red...


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