What do you think of Little Britain USA?

29 September 2008

We love to see Brits doing well in the US of A - as long as they don't, y'know, go all starry and forget us - so we were thrilled to hear that two of the nicest men in comedy, Matt Lucas and David Walliams, have bagged themselves a primetime show with top American broadcaster HBO (of Sex and The City fame). The show - Little Britain USA - premiered last night, with a cornucopia of fresh and familiar faces, from slimming club monster Marjorie Dawes to newbie Bing Gordyn, the seventh man to land on the Moon. But unfortunately, we're afraid to say the reviews weren't so hot, with the majority of US critics slamming the show as tasteless and juvenile. Oh dear. But then again, isn't tasteless and juvenile the point of Little Britain? Could this be yet another case of our Stateside cousins not really getting British humour? Or perhaps Lucas and Walliams have run out of steam, after all. Well, we'll be able to decide ourselves on Friday night, when the show receives its UK premiere (9.30pm, BBC One). In the mean time, here's a clip, in which two muscle-bound gym buddies boast about their masculinity while simulating gay sex and displaying their absolutely tiny penises (er, who you calling juvenile?)

- Hannah Marriott

- Hannah Marriott


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