Did your mother favour a sibling over you?

16 September 2008


Because apparently it's very common. One in six women admitted they had a favourite child when more than 1,000 mums were polled earlier this week. One, Polly, a mother of four, said: ‘I do have a favourite child. It's almost like a secret love affair. I would die for all my kids, but I have to admit I would fight more strongly and fiercely for her.' The survey, conducted by Netmums.com raised a collective gasp in the Grazia office, not because mothers have favourite children but that any was brave enough to admit it.

Once the floodgates opened though, our desks were buzzing with shared confessions. One Grazia staffer still crash-diets before Christmas to compete with her sister and pins the blame firmly on a mother who always made her preference clear. Another admitted her dad once let slip she was his favourite, and she's spent years since trying to convince her (correctly) insecure sister this isn't the case. So there we were thinking parental love was the one unconditional bond we could all rely on - unchanging through tantrums, traumas and tragedies - when this thunderbolt hit. And now it seems that even mother love can be as fluid and random as any other relationship. Group hug anyone? So did your mother favour a sibling over you? If so, then let us know below.


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