Gossip, Girl... the trailer's here

28 August 2008

As they say on the ads for the show, OMFG! Because, dear Grazia ladies, two, yes TWO pieces of Gossip Girl, well, gossip have come our way today to get us through the tough between-season slump. It's, like, almost as exciting as finding out the new girl in your office is called Nelly Yuki. Or persuading your other half to grow Nate-inspired manbangs. Erm, anyhow...


Exciting GG Gossip Part 1: Eric Daman, GG costume designer extraordinaire, has put GG-inspired mannequins in the windows of Bendels in New York. So if you're lucky enough to be in NYC right now (and frankly, if you are, can you pick us up some Lip Balm #1 from Kiehl's?), head down to 56th and Fifth Avenue because there you will find wax-models of Blair, Serena, Jenny et al wearing some typically gorgeous gear. Some people may say it's kinda freaky. Us? You know we love it...

Exciting GG Gossip Part 2: The extended season 2 preview is up on YouTube . Once we'd stopped hyperventilating enough to get our earphones out of our iPods and into our computers, here is what we gleaned...

1. Nate's making slurpy love noises! With a girl! Who's not Blair! In a car! In the Hamptons! And she's got long blonde flicky hair and lovely long legs and... OMG is that Serena? Eugh. Sadly no (even though, could they have done any more to make us get all excited that it was for 30 seconds?). It's some new blonde, long-legged character who looks like Serena but is, how shall we say this, a tad older than the average GG girl (though probably still only our age. Hmmm... does this mean we have a chance with Natie?). Nate Archibald in cougar-dating shocker? We can not wait for Blair to find out and for the beyatch fight to begin.

2. Chuck Bass did not go to France with Blair! Repeat, Chuck Bass did not go to France with Blair! Instead he's spent the summer sunning himself on a beach in the Hamptons with three brunettes in bikinis. This is disturbing for three reasons.

a. Chuck's clothes almost match (yeah, yeah, we know he's mixing two different kinds of stripes, but throw the boy a bone).

b. He has Chucked (boom! boom!) away OHB (Our Heroine Blair) for three icky tramps (before you start putting up posts about us being girl-haty, hello, watch the clip -- together they take their tops off so he can have a nice old oggle within, like, 10 seconds of hitting the beach. It's this kinda behaviour which makes teenage boys think this is the sort of thing normal women do in real life.).

And c. One of the tramps (the one who gets to talk - woahhh) looks suspiciously like Carla Romano off GMTV.

But who cares? Chuck's still top of our Lust List (we love it when he does that nostril flare thing).  

3. Serena's all lonely and sighing a lot on the beach. But in full make-up and a lovely silver number. So, whatevs. Our sympathy is waning.

4. Lonely Boy AKA Dan is kissing some brunette in a book shop.  Zzzzzzzzzzz. 

Our verdict: Bring back Blair! Bring back Blair! 

- By Suzy Cox



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