Are YOU happy to be a housewife?

28 August 2008


'If there's one topic that's divided the Grazia office this week - other than which Mulberry bag to order this season - it's the survey that claims men now prefer a wife who prioritises cooking, cleaning and taking care of the home over anything else,' says Grazia's Assistant Editor Michelle Davies. 'The survey, commissioned by the Yorkshire Building Society, also reckons women have tired of metrosexual partners hogging the bathroom mirror and want a ‘hunter-gatherer' who's nifty in the back garden. Some staff members are horrified by the suggestion couples would actively want to embrace the values of the 1950s, when women wore pinnies and rarely left the kitchen. Others, myself included, don't have a problem with adopting more traditional roles - I've always wanted a hostess trolley! - but only if neither partner is being coerced into it.' So, what do you think? Do you agree with Michelle? Have your say below.



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