Grazia Book Club does the Edinburgh Festival!

16 September 2011

Ben Mezrich grazia book club

We decided it was about time we took Grazia Book Club on the road and so what could be a better place than the world famous Edinburgh International Book Festival!
We delved head first into the world of the fantastically intriguing Ben Mezrich who needed very little prompting from our host Decca Aitkenhead.
Ben’s notoriety comes from his newly-developed genre which cleverly combines all the elements of a thriller whilst remaining firmly rooted in non-fiction. Two of his books have already been made into films and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this Harvard graduates latest foray, Sex on the Moon, equally lends itself to the big screen.
After the success of Bringing Down The House and The Accidental Billionaires (which later became the Oscar-winning movie, The Social Network), Ben set about researching and writing Sex on the Moon which explores the theft of lunar rocks from a high security vault by NASA intern, Thad Roberts. Ben considers himself a method writer, spending as much time as possible with his subjects.  With some text assistance from Thad, he was able to go ‘off-piste’ when visiting NASA buildings and 8 months after submitting a Freedom of Information request, he obtained a box file with over 2000 pages of documents from the FBI! His subjects aren’t always thrilled with the way they are portrayed in the finished text – particularly Thad who considers himself to be more of a hero than a criminal. Unfortunately for him, the girlfriend who inspired the heist did not agree!
The Q&A part of the evening was also really insightful particularly as our audience were so fascinated – we never did quite finish discussing how one goes about having sex on pieces of moon rock but at least we all got the chance to say a quick hello and get copies of our books signed before the night was over. Anyone who hadn’t already read the book before hearing Ben speak was certainly keen to get started on it straight away.
If you’d love to be a part of the Grazia Book Club and get the chance to have an audience with your favourite authors, make sure you keep checking back here for details of our future events.


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