25 August 2011


We know our readers as obsessed with culture as they are with fashion, so following the huge success of our first Grazia Film Club with the hilarious Bridesmaids movie, we couldn’t wait for the next one. And what better film than One Day, the big screen adaptation of David Nicholl’s bestselling, adored romantic novel?

Starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as Emma and Dexter - two friends whose relationship we revisit on the same day for twenty years - it’s the film everyone has been talking about for months. So last night we gave 100 lucky readers the chance to see One Day before anyone else, with a special screening at the plush Courthouse Hotel in London. They also got to watch Film 2011’s Antonia Quirke host a Q&A with the movie’s director Lone Scherfig, who gave an amazing insight into the making of the film and the challenges of adapting such a popular book.

Lone told us how she hadn’t actually read David Nicholl’s novel before seeing the screenplay but immediately fell in love with Emma and Dexter. She explained one of the reasons she wanted to make the film: 'Emma is so insecure. A lot of girls are. I have a 16 year old daughter and I thought if she sees it and realises it’s not necessary to have that insecurity, then that would be valuable.' Lone admitted there was a lot of pressure to stay loyal to the book but she was excited about showing the changes in time – something she thinks is easier on film than in a book. To get all the details right through the decades she surrounded herself with an army of experts – apparently the hardest part getting the early noughties right: “If you wear something now that’s 10 years old, you just look like someone who hasn’t bought any new clothes for a decade and not someone from 2001! It’s really tricky.” We were amazed to learn that they filmed everything in just 9 weeks, sometimes filming four different decades in one day. Lone had to refuse Anne and Jim’s requests for more takes to get everything done in time!

After the Q&A and a glass of champagne, courtesy of Marks and Spencer, it was time to watch the film. We laughed, cried, puzzled over Anne’s Yorkshire/not-Yorkshire accent, cringed in recognition at the nineties fashion, and found Jim Stugess as Dexter, at any age, very hot indeed. Then we cried some more – in fact we were practically sobbing for the last twenty minutes of the film. Most importantly, we fell in love with Emma and Dexter, just as we did with the book.

Look out for info about our next Grazia Film Club in the mag and online – and if you weren’t at our One Day screening, you can see it in cinemas now. Tissues at the ready!

- Hanna Woodside  








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