Christmas Gift Guide: Lady Geek Picks The 10 Best Gadgets For Her

05 December 2013

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1.Mujjo Gloves

So we’re due the coldest winter in decades? Do you really think that’s gonna stop her tweeting?! Mujjo gloves let her use a touchscreen without freezing her thumbs off. Crafted by hand, the stylish, minimal design is also rather eye­catching. £24.95 ­ John Lewis [a target="_blank" title="" href="$prod_lrg$">[/a]

2. Canon Legria Mini

This novel and adaptable camera/camcorder is also ultra portable, fitting nicely in any bag or coat pocket. The ultra­wide angle lens gives her acres of room in your photos and videos, allowing her to capture that breathtaking vista in all its glory. Or just, you know, take a really big selfie. 224.99 GBP ­[a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

3. HTC BoomBass Speakers

These super portable, super stylish speakers will wirelessly connect to her phone, letting her crank out the 80s classics wherever she goes. They double as a stand which makes them perfect for hands­free movies and videos, meaning she can finally live the dream of watching Downton on the beach. £66 ­ [a target="_blank" href="/weblogEntries/">[/a]

4. Canon Powershot G16

Canon’s G series are top of the pile when it comes to compact cameras. If she thinks she’s Annie Leibovitz but can’t be bothered to haul around equipment, this is the perfect compromise, with a lens that’s better than many bigger, more expensive SLRs. But be careful ­ before long she’ll be looking for subjects.... £437.90 [a target="_blank" href="­">[/a]

5. Narrative Clip

5. Narrative Clip for the woman who wants a photo record of her life, but hasn’t the time to constantly whip out her camera. This tiny square box clips onto her clothes and takes a photo every 30 seconds, slowly building a photographic story of each day. Just stay out of her way when at your most hungover. £170.28 [a target="_blank" href="http://www.­">­[/a]

6. Modern Day Mix Tape

Call us old fashioned, but swapping a few MP3 files just isn’t as romantic a gesture as the old­school mixtape. Your Walkman may have seen better days, but this USB stick in retro cassette packaging lets you recapture some of that 90’s­style romance. Go on, tell her how much she means to you via the medium of Pulp, and do it the old­fashioned way. £15 ­ [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

7. Nike Fuelband SE

Recently voted the wearable tech of the year, the Fuelband is one of the most attractive and intuitive fitness trackers around. Its Fuel Points system is maddeningly addictive, meaning any fitness freak will love it. Just don’t come crawling to us when she misses your birthday for another half­marathon. £129 ­ [a target="_blank" href="http://www.Nike.Com">Nike.Com[/a]

8. Google ChromeCast

Impossibly easy to use. This simple little dongle lets you beam all your favourite online entertainment from your computer, phone or tablet to any HDTV over WiFi. Be warned: soon a life that didn’t involve constantly binge­watching Breaking Bad will seem like a distant memory. £38.29 [a target="_blank" href="­">­[/a]

9. DELL XPS 12

The perfect gadget for the split­personality woman. During working hours it serves as a powerful Ultrabook, capable of any arduous task you might throw at it. Come home time ­ after a cheeky flip ­ and it’s a stylish tablet at your disposal for blogs and twitter and pictures of cats. From £1000 [a target="_blank" href="­">[/a]

10. Evoke D4 With Bluetooth

If she needs a great digital radio or a portable Bluetooth speaker, the Evoke D4 gives you both. She’ll tell you its for finding hip new bands on 6 Music, but we all know it’s for cranking out the Elton on Magic. £150 ­ available in December.

Lady Geek (@ladygeek) are an award winning consultancy agency making technology more accessible to women so who better to give the top ten gadget buys? Click through the gallery above and get your Christmas shopping sorted...


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