Christmas Gift Guide: Lady Geek Picks The 10 Best Gadgets For Him

09 December 2013

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1. Sony Action Cam

The perfect gift for any would­be Willis or self­proclaimed Stallone, this camcorder is built for an all­action hero. The SteadyShot function ensures there’s no shaky footage, letting you ski, dive or bungee in smooth HD, while built in Wi­Fi shares every last heart­stopping video (or, let’s be honest, dull home movie) straight to your phone. £259.00 ­ [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

2. Bose QC20

Sick of hearing his music but worried that an oversized pair of noise cancelling headphones will make him look like a poser? Bose’s first in­ear noise cancellers give you more control over how you listen than ever before, while keeping your listening discreet. Either block the outside world entirely, or choose ‘aware’ mode and let some of it in, but either way stay well clear of hipster chic. £259.95 ­ [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Is he always peering at his tiny phone screen, but too lazy to open his laptop? The Note 10.1 is here to seamlessly bridge his first world problems with its enormous screen and inbuilt stereo speakers. Just don’t blame us when he’d rather Skype you from across the room than put down his new toy. £399 [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

4. Sony QX10

Sick of the dreadful photos he takes of you on his phone constantly popping up on Facebook? This clever smart lens that can be used on its own to take unusual photos or, ­ more importantly ­ connected to a smartphone, replaces his phone camera efforts with fancier, more flattering results. £179 [a target="_blank" href="">­[/a]

5. Nintendo 2DS/Pokemon X/Y

Any man of a certain vintage will regress instantly at the chance to return to his Gameboy playing days on the new, 2D version of the 3DS. Chuck in the new Pokemon game for a touch of added nostalgia. Just don’t expect to hear from him any time soon, at least until his new Pikachu completes its evolution. £129.99 (bundle with 2DS and case) ­ Nintendo Store

6. HTC One Max

You know what they say about a man with big hands....He needs a big smart phone. Obviously. The HTC One is max by name, max by nature. A big phone, with big speakers (dual frontal with built in amps), a big screen (5.9 inch) and a big camera. It is, needless to say, big. From £19 on a pay monthly plan of £47 per month ­ [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

7. Tylt Energi+ Backpack

For a man of the wild that can’t quite leave civilisation behind, this clever all­weather backpack provides up to 4 full smartphone charges, letting you constantly remind your Twitter followers how remote and cut­off you are on your camping trip. £160 ­ [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

8. Lumen Smartbulb

For the man who spends hours lighting his living room like it’s the Royal Opera House, the Lumen will be manna from heaven. This smartbulb can be controlled by any Android or iPhone, lighting up your room in an infinite variety of colours and patterns. It also has a party mode that flashes in time to music, and has a ‘romance’ setting for, ahem, setting the mood.... £39.95 plus delivery. [a target="_blank" href="http://www.­">­[/a]

9. Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Quadricopter

This remote control helicopter can be piloted from the comfort of any smartphone, its HD camera live streaming footage back to the screen. Perfect for reconnaissance missions and scaring the neighbours. Warning: he might feel like James Bond, but he’ll look like a ten year old. £319.99 ­ [a target="_blank" href="­%20"> [/a]

10. Sage by Heston Blumenthal

This smart kettle is the perfect gift for any man for whom tea is more than just a gateway drink on the road to a biscuit. Five pre­programmed buttons tell you which temperature to select for which type of tea, meaning he now has no excuse not to make you the perfect cuppa. £99.95 ­ [a target="_blank" href="">[/a]

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