What's In My Fragrance Cupboard? Adam Reed Shows Us His Extensive Scent Wardrobe

03 April 2013 by

Hair Stylist and One Half of Percy & Reed hair care, Adam Reed takes us into his wonderfully fragrant world and explain why he's slightly obsessed with perfume...

Adam's Perfume Cabinet

"My Love of Scent goes back as far as I can remember, my Great Nan used to wear Estee Lauder Youth Dew, still one of my favourite scents now, my Nan wore Robert Piguet Fracas, probably my all time favourite and my Mum wore Chanel No5, all very distinct fragrances.  My first Fragrance was Christian Dior Jules, which was a gift from my Nan at 12, and when I was 15, I became literally Obsessed with Calvin Klein Obsession for Men .  I have tried many scents since, but there's never been a time that I don't remember loving scent, not only in perfume form, but pretty much any product that I use.

I am not really sure why I love fragrance so much, perhaps it's the memories that become attached to specific scents, or just that my nose seems to really like most things, or that when I smell something beautiful, it puts a smile on my face, whatever it is, it really is something that gets stronger everyday and when it came to developing the scent for our haircare Range Percy & Reed 'hair' I literally drove the fragrance house (not to mention my amazing team!) who designed our beautiful English countryside inspired fine fragrances crazy with my demanding nose and quest to create a scent that was unique.

From a young age I didn't really differentiate Male and Female Scent, if I really liked something I wore it, it was as simple as that, if I liked a specific floral fragrance but felt it to feminine I would add a little bit of a more masculine scent and adapt it to wear it and I always found that people commented positively on my choice of fragrance.  So I just carried on doing it and I have done ever since. With the exception of YSL Opium which I wear on its own and still without fail receive comments whenever I wear it, it's such a beautifully rich scent.

So here's my favourite scents right now:

My Seven Favourites! (at the moment) - I feel that all of these can be worn as Unisex fragrances and I wear them myself. I have also mentioned the stores that I buy them from as I feel this is important. This is by no means exhaustive, there are so many amazing scent shops that I really could write a book just on them! 

Diptyque Volutes Eau De Parfum - Diptyque Brook Street - I love this classic yet totally modern scent.  I was lucky enough to have a Scent Fitting at the Brook Street store and was guided through the layering of the Diptyque Scents which was a revelation to me.  Volutes has a soft leathery scent with a classic iris, that I really loved. Without a doubt anyone at all can wear this scent and you can try layering them to create a totally personal scent. Also, a visit to the Diptyque Brook Street store will not only inspire any one who loves scent, but will be one of the best 30 mins that you will spend anywhere!

Bandit De Robert Piguet - Liberty - This has been a favourite of mine for about 10 years now, I first discovered it when I lived in New York so whenever I smell it I'm transported back to NYC. It is a beautiful scent that is a little leathery, a little smokey but really fresh and flowery with a bit of vetiver. A real classic that was also Marlene Dietrich's signature fragrance!

Byredo La Tulipe Eau De Parfum - Liberty - This is an absolute beauty of a scent. I LOVE Byredo and the concepts that Ben Gorham uses to design his scents. La Tulipe is a truly beautiful scent, perfect all year round and contains some of my favourite scents: Rhubarb, Fressia and Cyclamen. It's really hard to describe this scent and the only way I can think is a dewy spring morning.

Opium Yves Saint Laurent -  Selfridges - One of my all time favourites, Opium takes me back to when I was doing my apprenticeship and one of my favourite clients wore this and I have loved it ever since. I rearely wear it but when I do, without fail, I'll get a comment enquiring about what I am wearing and when I reveal it's Opium Pour Femme, there's always a surprised look, and I then reveal that I know three very manly men that wear it-my lips are sealed!

Frederic Malle Iris Poudre Pierre Bourdon - Les Senteurs, Seymour Place - Firstly, if you have not already I would recommend that you visit Nick at Les Senteurs in Seymour Place, he loves scent and really knows everything that you need to know about it.  I really love this powdery soft slightly musky scent that I discovered a couple of years ago and fell in love with. To me it is slightly old fashioned smelling, not in an fusty, granny way, probably more old school, if that makes sense! It is a beautiful scent that I have recomended to so many people and it is fast becoming a scent that my clients are falling in love with.

Comme Des Garcons Amazing Green - Sefton Islington - This was given to me as a gift for my 40th birthday and I fell in love with it after a brief period of not really liking it, the same as a lot of my relationships! It is a lot smokier than I thought it would be and this surprised me but it quickly explodes into a beautiful greenish, slightly floral scent that is fast becoming a bit of a surprise favourite. As with all GDG fragrances, the bottle is simple and the scent is complex. Beautiful.

Tom Ford - Lavender Palm - I am not somebody that is put off by Lavender which I know a lot of people are because it reminds them of hospitals and old people but I Love it and this has to me my all time favourite. It has a really fresh clean smell that I layer with Jasmine scents to add a bit of depth but when worn on it own smells incredibly fresh. Set to become a real classic.

My All Time Men's Scents:

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men - Takes me straight back to 1986 when I first bought this fragrance and fell in love with it. It is warm yet fresh with a young fun side.  I really love wearing it and love smelling it on other people. Probably my most evocative fragrance and the one that I would choose if I was only to wear one scent for the rest of my life!

Christian Dior Jules - Probably one of the most masculine fragrances that I have ever worn, it's a beautiful fragrance, although I am not to sure if it is in production anymore. Although Masculine it is soft and really easy to wear and one that I would recommend to anyone that loves a bit of a masculine smell with a note of floral.

Hermes Terre d'Hermes - I love this earthy masculine, handsome sexy fragrance, it has fast become an absolute classic that really can be worn by anybody, from young to old, cool to classic.

The scent is also by no means exhaustive, I really do love so many and you can read about my love on scent on a regular basis on my blog or on my twitter.


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