Trend Tuesday: How To Upgrade Your Skincare Routine According To Dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting

13 August 2013 by

In this week’s sparkling new issue of Grazia, us beauty ladies bring you the full 411 on the hottest arrivals on the skincare shelves. If you still think a simple day and night cream are all you need in your beauty arsenal then it’s time to think again, ladies, as the latest research in the cosmetics arena has led to the creation of all sorts of wonderful skincare treats designed to fit into the skin’s own rhythms and changing needs throughout the course of the day. Sound clever? Well, it is.

Hold your breath, beauty buffs, as we have something rather shocking in store for you- you know the whole ‘skin type’ palaver thing (we’ve spent an age trying to decipher whether we’re sensitive, dry, combination, oily, or all 4…)? Well, breakthrough scientific studies now show us that it’s all about when, not how, we treat our skin. Believe it or not, your skin really does know when it’s day, night and even the weekend. Who’ve thought?

We highly suggest you hurry on down and arm yourself with the latest issue of Grazia for the full lowdown, but in the meantime, we caught up with the gorgeous dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting, who shared with us her skincare SOS tips for oily, stressed-out summer skin. Read on and learn ladies…

Dr Sam Bunting

Dr Sam Bunting’s Top Tips For Stressed-Out Summer Skin

1. Get savvy- Dr Bunting recommends finding a cleanser loaded with oil-busting ingredient salicylic acid: “This exfoliant can penetrate into the pore to keep them clear. It’s also a good anti-inflammatory agent, so it’s great for breakouts.” Try Dermalogica's Skin Clearing Wash, £35

2. Get Your Vitamins- “Vitamin A derivatives are great for big pores due to sun-damage as they build collagen, but should of course be combined with a daily broad-spectrum sunscreen.”

3. Feeling spotty? Acne is common in those with oily skin, and it’s best to “avoid skincare and make-up that aggravates this skin type. Seek out products which are non-comedogenic. Neutrogena has a great selection!”

4. Lifestyle is important- “Try to manage stress by getting good-quality sleep, exercise regularly and eat a diet that is low-GI and is rich in micronutrients like zinc. Keep dairy to a minimum!”

5. Hold Back The Fake Tan- If your skin is oily and spot-prone, Dr Bunting says it’s best to avoid wearing fake tan overnight. Instead, “try applying for a few hours in the evening and washing off before bed. Fake tan can trigger breakouts and emphasise pores- so keep this in mind.”

6. Don’t forget the SPF- We know it’s nothing new, but remember the SPF, even when the sun isn’t shining: “This really is the key to maintaining a youthful complexion- use sunscreen all year round to reap the benefits in the decades to come!”

7. Stay Fresh- When the temperature soars, arm yourself with some blotting papers to touch-up during the day. Dr Bunting loves MAC’s Blot Film, £11.

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