Trend Tuesday: How To Get Your Best Bikini Body Ever- Grazia Reveals All About The DNA Diet In This Week's Issue!

23 April 2013 by

Listen up, ladies! The countdown to summer has officially begun! Now that the sun has finally decided to make its presence known in our vitamin-D-starved worlds, the time has come to wage war on those wobbly bits and get bikini-ready. It might seem crazy to think about wearing a bikini when it’s only April (unless you live in Hawaii in which case we are very jealous) but if you make the strides to get your body in bikini shape now, you’ll be hotter than Alessandra Ambrosio come July...

According to a recent poll, this is the week when most women embark on their bikini diet. Sound intimidating? Fear not, beach babes! Hurry to your local newsagent and pick up a copy of this week’s Grazia and you’ll learn all about the hottest new diet taking the US by storm- DNA dieting. You’ll have to buy the issue to find out more, though!

2013 has already seen a whole host of new diets appearing on the skinny scene- from the 5:2 diet (aka, intermittent fasting) to VB’s alkaline diet to Gwennie’s elimination diet, it seems there is a fad diet out there for every kind of foodie. However, scientists have recently found links between our DNA, eating and exercise habits, making the DNA Diet more about science and less about the ‘fad’. This is a proper personalised diet programme based on the body’s genetic response to diet and exercise. Might this be the scientific breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for? We hope so!

The latest issue of Grazia is out now.


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