It's Time To Hit The Aloe Vera Juice! 7 Golden Rules For Your January Detox

03 January 2014 by

Get ready for a catwalk-worthy glowing complexion come 2014 (House of Holland SS14, Jason Lloyd Evans)

Ready to make 2014 your healthiest year ever? We are. Start the year as you mean to go on with our top tips for your January detox. Whether you’re interested in the hottest new juices or the stellar fermented superfoods that will set you up for the year ahead, we guarantee we’ve got a tip for everyone. Read on and learn girls, read on and learn…

1. Hop On The Fermented Food Craze

What’s the hottest thing on the LA health-food scene right now? Fermented food, that’s what. Sounds ick, but according to founder of Detox Kitchen Lily Simpson, it’s the perfect post-party detox. “Fermenting is the ultimate superfood as the fermenting process creates essential gut-friendly probiotic ingredients.” Lily suggests making a batch of fermented cabbage (stay with us) and using as a condiment with your meals throughout the whole of January. “Grate a cabbage, add a teaspoon of salt, cover in cling film or seal in a mason jar and leave at room temperate for a few days until vast liquid has been produced. Next, separate the liquid and rinse the cabbage, return to the liquid and mix.” If that doesn’t float your boat, order a prepared fermented meal plan from or opt for their New Year Cleanse, £35.99 per day.

2. Drink Aloe Vera Juice

One of the biggest reasons we feel so sluggish come January is dehydration. Take a tip from Vicki Edgson, nutritionist and co-author of Honestly Healthy and start drinking aloe vera juice, perfect for stabilising acid/alkaline levels and for repairing the lining of the gut faster than anything else. Aloe vera juice is available from Holland and Barrett.

Arm yourself with Fulvic Acid for a lit-from-within, radiant glow (Julien Macdonald SS14, Jason Lloyd Evans)

3. Pop a Detox Pill

Collagen pills, they’re so last year. If it’s glowing skin you’re after this year, make friends with fulvic acid, the latest super-pill to pep up your skin in the post-party period. “Fulvic acid is the perfect post-party supplement as it delivers nutrients and minerals to every cell of the body, giving you more energy, clearer skin and better digestion,” says pharmacist Shabir Daya. Try Fulphyl at

4. Sprint It Out

Running when you’re feeling fragile and hungover on a cold January morning sounds pretty bleak, right? Think again girls, as a short intense sprint is just what a body needs after a heavy few weeks of partying, drinking and eating. The good news is that short and sweet is best for serious sweat, which in turn is essential for removing unwanted toxins from the body. Try hitting the treadmill for 2 minutes of high-intensity interval sprints, popular at super gyms like Equinox and Claire Danes’ NYC workout haunt, Peak Performance. “Run at a high speed for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 4 to 6 times, increasing your speed each time,” suggests Tim Lord from

Work up a sweat for a model-worthy glow (Roland Mouret SS14, Jason Lloyd Evans)

5. Swap Sugar For Stevia

There’s no denying that the party season seriously zaps energy levels. So keep sugar levels up without raking up empty calories by swapping table sugar for the newest natural sweetener on the block, Stevia. “Stevia won’t spike insulin levels that lead to skin inflammation and energy crashes, plus it’s half the calories of ordinary sugar,” explains Hala El-Shaffie from

6. Do The Caffeine Facial

Got that death-warmed-up complexion? We know, we know. What you need is a caffeine kick and we’re not talking Starbucks. “Grab a few handfuls of coarse instant coffee granules and exfoliate your skin, then rinse gently away. The caffeine re-energises tired skin giving it an instant glow,” suggest Nichola Joss.  Or you could opt for one of the new skin heroes containing caffeine. We love Super Facialist by Una Brennan’s Vitamin C+ Brighten Dark Circles Eye Cream, £12.99.

Alberta Ferretti SS14 (Jason Lloyd Evans)

7. Sleep More

We’ll take any excuse for some more slumber so were over the moon to hear that Dr Murad recommends exactly this. As he explained to us, “Sleep is when all of the systems of our body repair and regenerate themselves. Our skin detoxifies itself overnight. Using an appropriate moisturiser at night before bed is really important. When we are sleeping our body is much more able to absorb and utilise the nutrients that we provide for it.” Make 2014 the year you savour your sleep.

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