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Aromatherapy Associates Relax Bath & Shower Oil, £39

'Getting back into the work routine after a Christmas break isn't the easiest, but one thing that's made long days worth it is returning home to the [a target="_blank" href="">Aromatherapy Associates Relax Bath & Shower Oil[/a]. It's extremely hydrating and turns your entire bathroom into a spa!'

Amelia from [a target="_blank" href="">Liana Beauty[/a]

De Mamiel Botaniques Dewy Facial Mist, £42

This calming [a target="_blank" href="">spray[/a] contains a beautiful blend of rose and neroli to nourish and aloe and cucumber to soothe, along with flower essences to leave you smelling amazing. Not only does it help provide you with glowing, supple and radiant skin, but simply spraying it releases an instant burst of serenity.   

Laura Mercier Lumière d’Ambre, £55.00

Scent has been proved to affect mood directly, so [a target="_blank" href="">Laura Mercier’s blend[/a] of amber and musky woods with light florals should help you float off to a calmer place. We can’t get enough of it in the office!

Leonor Greyl Volumising Shampoo for Thin and Limp Hair, £26.00

Stress can leave your hair thin and brittle, so grab yourself some nourishing[a target="_blank" href=""> Leonor Greyl shampoo[/a] to hydrate and detangle hair without smothering it. It’s so effective it eliminates the need for conditioner, which can often have the effect of weighing down hair and making it flat. Containing only all natural plant extracts and vitamins, it also comes without any of the nasty silicones, sulphates or other harsh chemicals that often appear in other products. So even if you’re stressed, your hair won’t show it.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer, £7.99

'Maybelline's Baby Skin [a target="_blank" href="">Primer[/a] is a clear, gel-like formula and provides a matte finish to the skin whilst keeping shine at bay and giving you a smooth surface to apply your foundation on to. Apply a small amount over cleansed skin with your fingertips and then continue with your favourite liquid or cream foundation. The gel primer sits on your skin creating a surreal, smooth-feeling finish and means your base product will glide over the top and avoid sitting obviously in your pores or fine lines. A perfect, affordable option to give you a smooth, pore-free base!'

Milly from [a target="_blank" href="">Pearls & Poodles[/a]

Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Kit, £89.95

'Gel nails is one of those beauty treatments that we show no signs of getting sick of. Much like the hot wax, it has fast over taken its older sister and is here to stay. Once you've had a gel manicure, normal polish just doesn't seem to cut it, in terms of both longevity and feel. As January is turning out to be decidedly rather dry, [a target="_blank" href="">Red Carpet Manicure[/a]'s at home gel kit is the perfect way to while away an evening. Though it's not as cheap as a regular polish the kit comes with everything you need, including a salon-style light to put your hands under. So not only is it cost effective, it makes you feel like a pro.'

Jamila from [a target="_blank" href="">Blush[/a]

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Royal Orchid, £16

'I really like the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth lipstick range, they're lovely and hydrating on the lip and come in really gorgeous, fashion forward shades. My latest favourite is this subtle shade, [a target="_blank" href="">Royal Orchid[/a], which is a very light, sophisticated mauve.'

Jill from [a target="_blank" href="">Pout Out Proud[/a]

Tory Burch Candle, £38

Housed in a blush pink matte glass, this [a target="_blank" href="|-brown-|-200-885427136118.html?gclid=CI_hyePDhbwCFeKWtAodACkAmA&CAMPID=gproductadsUK">Tory Burch candle[/a] doesn’t just look beautiful, but smells it too. Scented with Tory Burch’s first ever fragrance, the candle contains hints of grapefruit and mandarin, as well as sweet bergamot and neroli. The scent has a refreshing brightness to it that’s guaranteed to offset the trauma of a stressful day- simply light it and chill out.

Valmont Renewing Pack Cellular Anti-Stress Face Treatment, £130

If the onslaught of winter weather has left your skin lacking radiance and vitality, then [a target="_blank" href="">Valmont’s anti-stress face treatment[/a] could provide the perfect boost. The cream can be used in four different ways- both as a cleanser, mask, moisturiser and exfoliator- to increase cell renewal and boost skin radiance. It also contains a refreshing agent to stimulate, tone and energise- just what our tired stressed out skin needs.

This week we’ve been attempting to stick to our new year diets (‘no, I don’t want that cookie, I’ll have that delicious looking chopped melon.’ LIES), battling against some unpleasant winter weather and wondering when the next holiday will be (seriously, Easter? EASTER?) In short, January is stressful, so we need all the help we can get to unwind and forget our first world problems. Here’s our rundown of the best products to help you chill out…

By Lois Bryson Edmett and Tor Cardona


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